During magnetic braking of the Neodymius self-braking magnetic trolley that is used for descents down the zipline the eddy currents are induced in the non-ferromagnetic material of the trolley’s outer case.

These eddy currents in turn induce the magnetic field which opposes the change of the primary magnetic field of the trolley’s magnets. The heat emerges as the by-product. This heat reduces the braking capacity of the trolley and shortens the life-span of its components.However, our self-cooling magnetic trolley overcomes this major problem with the help of lamellae that are inserted into both wheels of the trolley.

These lamellae cool the magnets and the trolley’s outer case (where the initial eddy currents are induced) down.

Additional carabiner is attached with the help of magnets that are inbuilt into the impact surface of the trolley.

Neodymius Z1 (click on the image)

Neodymius Z2 (click on the image)

Neodymius Z3 (click on the image)

Zipline magnetic trolley

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