About us

We are the leading Slovenian company for production and selling of self-braking magnetic trolleys for descents down the steep ziplines. Our company is based in Slovenia.

The beginnings of the company date back to the year of 2015 when we designed the first trolleys with self-braking mechanism. Ever since the development of our products has been based on the knowledge gathered from practical tests.

We payed a lot of attention to the selection of materials which carry out the main braking function of the trolley.

Our trolleys are specialized for the use on steep ziplines where their ability to decrease the speed is of immense importance for safety purposes.

We are recognized by the quality of our production which provides safety for the users in the first place and last but not least it is reflected also in the long life-span and high durability of our products.

Neodymius Team

Anže Šavs

CEO & Owner

00 386 40 214 712


With Neodymius since: 2015 – founder

Anže Šavs is the CEO and the owner of the Neodymius company. He founded the company in the year of 2015 when the first Neodymius self-braking trolley was produced.

Anže has always been passionate about adrenaline sports, especially alpinism. He excels at the use of safety gear as he uses it on a daily basis in the mountains and at work.

He is also setting up adrenaline and zipline parks.

Luka Plut


00 386 40 518 692


With Neodymius since: 2015

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