IAAPA Expo Europe

September 13. – 15. 2022

ExCeL London, UK

The operation was selected for co-financing on »Public tender for co-financing individual participation of companies at
international trade fairs abroad in the years 2019-2022«. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the
European Union under the European Regional Development.

We look forward to meeting you and visiting our booth B-1629.

Now Neodymius available in several colors according to weight group. Thus there is a lower probability of an error in assigning the trolley to the user.

Our new model of zipline magnetic trolley Neodymius Z3 which is intended for driving in superman style meets all the requirements and we have finally obtained the certificate.

Testing the Neodymius Z1 trolley in superman style opened the way for us to develop a new model of trolley.

Now available Customized Webbing Lanyards

For the full zipline driving experience and proper operation of the Zipline Magnetic Trolleys, we recommend using our new Customized Webbing Lanyards.

We finally registered our own trademark Neodymius Magnetic Technology®

Visit us on social media

From now you can also visit us and view our products on social media.

Neodymius Magnetic Technology | Facebook

Neodymius Magnetic Technology (@neodymiusmagnetictechnology) | Instagram

Neodymius Magnetic Technology® | LinkedIn

Neodymius receives the Silver Regional Innovation Award

Neodymius received the Silver Regional Innovation Award presented by the Gorenjska Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the call for tender of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.

It means a lot to us and lets us know we are on the right way.

The annual service of some Neodymius trolleys

Recently we carried out the service of some predecessor trolleys (old models) to the new Neodymius trolleys. The wear and tear of trolleys was negligible. With the average use over the period of one year there was almost no wear and tear on the trolleys’ rubbery driving surface. The braking function remained intact as well due to the self-cooling system. From these service observations it is evident that all materials that are used in the production are of high-quality and perform their function really well.

We also carried out the service of Neodymius trolleys that are in operation in zipline park Olimpline in Črna na Koroškem and our observations were equal to the observations made in service of the predecessor trolleys to the new Neodymius models.

The observations made during these two service maintenances confirm that the Neodymius trolleys are perfectly designed and that they work very well in practice.

Our Neodymius trolleys are trusted by the world boxing champion Dejan Zavec

The world boxing champion Dejan Zavec took a ride with the Neodymius trolley down the longest zipline in Slovenia – Olimpline in Črna na Koroškem. The length of Olimpline is 1260m.

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