Neodymius Z3

Self-braking magnetic zipline trolley Neodymius Z3

(Personal Protective Equipment)

Zipline magnetic trolley

In combination with superman zipline harness or zipline harness.

The Neodymius Z3 trolley is a self-braking magnetic trolley that functions due to magnetic induction. It can be used in adrenaline and adventure parks.

The new Neodymius Z3 is equipped with innovative functions:

  • The wheels of the trolley have inbuilt lamellae which enable constant cooling for more efficient braking and better functioning of the trolley.
  • The driving surface of the trolley is made from high-quality rubber which makes our trolleys very quiet during the operation. This rubber also provides very good traction and protects the safety line from wear and tear.
  • The trolley’s center of gravity is set at the maximum height possible so that both wheels of the trolley carry equal load.
  • The trolley is symmetrically designed – the impact surface is present on both sides of the trolley meaning that it is not important how you turn the trolley in relation to the driving direction.
  • The main carabiner is attached through the opening in the trolley’s outer case while the safety carabiner is attached to the impact surface (via the magnets that are inbuilt into this impact surface) and to the safety line.

Technical information for the Neodymius Z1 trolley:

  • Diameter of the safety line: Ø 12 – 18mm and more
  • The maximum operational speed: 120 km/h (75 mph)
  • Appropriate incline of the slope: up to -30%
  • The temperature range of use: from -25°C to 40°C
  • The weight range of the user: 40-130 kg (88-286 lbs)

Three different sizes of Neodymius Z3 trolleys are required to cover the full weight range of users because for each size of the trolley there is a different adjustment to the trolley’s braking function:

  • S – user weight from 40 to 70 kg
  • M – user weight from 70 to 90 kg
  • L – user weight from 90 to 130 kg

The weight range marked on the devices is only valid for the specific site for which they were adjusted. Use on other sites is not authorised, can be dangerous and is therefore not allowed.

Always use this device in combination with zipSTOP Zip Line Brake device, which is located at the end of the zipline!

  • Category B (self-locking device) EN 17109:2020
  • Certified Neodymius Z3 Magnetic Zipline Trolley (PPE)
  • Durable long-life components
  • Tüv Süd Certified

For the full zipline driving experience and proper operation of Trolley, we recommend using our fastening set.

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